Why is UCW best for students?

Being one of the outstanding academic institutions UCW is actively involved in numerous partnerships, faculty exchange and providing best quality education programs in Vancouver City. This has voted as the third best city to live in because it is a wonderful and ideal city.

UCW is located in the heart of the city. The institution is situated in a historic office tower. The university is surrounded by gym facilities, entertainment venues, shopping centers and number of restaurants. Transit facilities are available inside the campus to easily access the campus facilities.

University Canada West is listed as one of the quality providers of higher education from many years. The graduates who come out of UCW are send to be best graduates since it offers academically encouraging environment for students. Some of the programs include,

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication Online
  • Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Commerce Online
  • MBA Foundation
  • University Access Courses

One of the main focuses of the programs is to keep the class size small. Other is to design the programs as per the needs of the present market. They take all the measures to make sure students receive complete education which is relevant for them. Most of the faculties are with many years of industry experience. Minimum qualification in hiring the faculties is master degree in relevant domain and they make sure they have ample expertise in their domains. While graduating it students are given complete knowledge of industry so that it will be easy for them to make a career in today’s business market.

Why chose UCW:

  • Being Canada’s modern and independent university UCW has started with clear vision of producing strategic thinking and leadership-ready graduates.
  • This will be the best start for a student who wants to pursue a career as a business professional
  • UCW offers a wide range of programs including MBA, bachelor of Commerce, bachelor of arts in business communication etc.
  • Courses are available both on-campus as well as online
  • The learning environment provided is very challenging and diverse which make the students more competitive
  • One of the major focuses of teaching method is having small class size. This will help in optimizing the attention which the faculty can give on every student
  • This is the key behind their success and becoming a premium provider of best quality higher education for students around the globe
  • One more are they focus is applying the knowledge acquired in the classroom teaching
  • They focus on preparing responsible citizens with leadership skills. They even try to dig the potential in every student
  • The students come from all around the globe. So by the time a student comes out of UCW he would have already built a network of professionals from different continents
  • This gives the students a unique experience to learn from his batch mates who are from different cultures and have altogether different viewpoints and experiences
  •  Other than academic literature there will be number of events to encourage the student’s all round development. UCW plans for fundraisers for students. These events can be attended even by online students


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