University Canada West offers student a successful career

Being part of the Global University systems or GUS network, University Canada West or UCW offers every student a successful career. It is located in downtown Vancouver. Being a business oriented educational institution UCW offers many core programs which help students to make a career in business.

In October 2014, UCW has become the part of GUS. After this, it has benefited and acquired more strength. Today UCW is drawing the attention of students from all over the world. The professional guidance which the GUS was offering can now be seen in UCW too. The business awareness which the business student should learn will be offered by UCW.

The students who come out of UCW after completing their graduation will be able to enter the directly the workforce. This is because they obtain highly sought after qualifications provided by focused core programs offered by UCW.

The core programs offered are aligned with the needs of today’s business world. One among them is Master of Business Administration (MBA). This program focuses on molding the students to become successful leaders. Since the students have to enter a competitive business environment after their graduation, UCW MBA mainly focuses on developing management skills and critical thinking of the students.

It is established in the year 2004. Some of the career focused programs offered by UCW includes, Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication. Online courses are also available. UCW believes online courses are more flexible. The students who cannot join colleges to do the regular courses can get the respected qualifications through online courses.

UCW and their goals:

It is said that UCW is a teaching-intensive university. The teaching method offered is highly business oriented. The courses and programs offered are both applied and theoretical oriented. They help the students in workplace as well as in their future academic venture.

  • UCW represents and illustrates a contemporary Canadian university.
  • Its aim is to give leadership ready graduates to the business world through offering career focused business courses.
  • The courses and programs are very innovative and accessible as well as accessible to everyone.
  • Through the more flexible, career oriented and leadership oriented programs UCW is fulfilling the students who care more anxious and enthusiastic to progress professionally and academically. Online students can have a professional network with students from all over the globe
  • UCW’s main focus is to make students more responsible citizens in a global context. Keeping this in mind it offers challenging learning environments to build competencies by applying practical knowledge.

UCW believes that the teaching excellence is the key in success and it is the biggest asset for a university. So it is stated that UCW is a teaching-intensive university. The main foundation of teaching here is the intellectual development. It hires highly qualified faculties. To teach some programs the faculty must be having a related doctoral degree. Master degree is minimum qualification. Along with this they should have work experience and relevant post-secondary teaching.


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