UCW offers is the Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The aim of the University Canada West MBA program is to develop major com potencies in students like critical thinking, system analysis, business ethics and leadership. The core programs focus on business administration and business operation. The courses and programs offered include, understanding the case studies derived from real examples from large variety of business and industries in Canada as well as from around the globe. They mainly concentrate on applying the taught theories.

When it comes to UCW MBA there are two types of programs. One is on-campus MBA. Other is online MBA.

MBA on-campus:

The campus is based in Vancouver, Canada. The focus of this program is to prepare and mould the students to exemplify the leadership to face the global stage. The student graduated from this program will be able to drive an organization with his leadership and decision making qualities. This is because the program is bundled with teaching methods which teach the students how to derive solutions to challenging problems. Students learn,

  • How to understand the ethical implications which are faced in business activities
  • How to analyze the available information and meaningful communication of ideas
  • Respond to business opportunities and challenges in a strategic way
  • Decision making in a responsible way along with integrating personal perspectives and values
  • Collaborating diverse bundle of individuals by effective skills
  • They learn critical thinking which helps them in systematic analysis to formulate business decisions

Methods of teaching:

Major percentage of the faculty is with many years of industry experience this upholds their real-time knowledge on the business. The methods of teaching includes,

  • Learning from classmates experiences
  • Learning by digging into case studies which relate real-time examples
  • Learning academic literature though classroom studies
  • Discussions and lectures by experienced professionals

Online MBA:

The UCW offered online MBA mainly focuses on project planning, critical thinking, leadership and a few more business disciplines. Discussion and debates are highly encouraged in online MBA. Every program module is handled by an experienced professional who makes sure active participation of the students and provide feedback and guidance.

The graduate who comes out after the completion of the UCW MBA will be capable of making responsible decisions along with capable of explaining his ideas clearly. The program prepares the students to give strategic responses when it comes to challenges in the business world. The course mainly focuses on building leadership qualities in the student. Students will be more confident in solving business problems and management skills.


There are many benefits if the student chose online MBA offered by UCW. They are,

  • If the student has commitments other than his study, he can fit them accordingly
  • The course material includes HD video lectures. This is the reason student feels as if he is doing on-campus MBA
  • One who is already a working professional but wants to complete a MBA can easily join this course. This is the reason online courses are becoming popular today. This will help the professional in achieving further level like managerial position
  • One can achieve both professional and personal progression


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