Be an ESL teacher in Asia

If you are thinking of teaching English as a second language (ESL), then you need to first get a TEFL certificate which stands for Teaching English as a foreign language or you need to get a certificate in English language teaching to adults (CELTA). However, before you get any of these certifications, you first need to choose the place where you want to teach as ESL jobs are available in almost every country. In case you want to leave your country and explore a new place, then there are a lot of options to choose from.

Countries in Asia offering ESL jobs

  • Vietnam- Teachers who have a TEFL certificate along with a bachelor’s degree, and no teaching experience, for them Vietnam is a great ESL teaching place. Vietnam is not only a country that has a lot to offer to the travellers but its capital Hanoi is also known to house a number of language schools. However, the salary in Vietnam is relatively low than the other powerful ESL offering countries.
  • China- China is one country where millions of people are learning English or are willing to learn in English as a second language. ESL teaching is quite lucrative in China and the salary that it offers is quite high as compared to the other Asian countries. Moreover, the benefits that ESL teachers get in China are innumerable and vast; ranging from free housing to free airfare and a low living cost.
  • South Korea- There are plenty of teaching jobs in South Korea. ESL teachers here are given free airfare along with housing. The salary pay is decent and the teachers here are also given overtime bonus and paid vacation of at least 2-4 weeks.
  • Taiwan- Taiwan is known to have a high-tech economy, here all the ESL jobs are located Taipei and in Kaohsiung. In case you want to apply here for an ESL job then you need to apply early, and the pay in Taiwan is not as high as South Korea.
  • Japan- Teachers who want an ESL job abroad, for them Japan is a great option. The country is not only known for its high-tech cities, but also for its food and friendly citizens. Teachers looking to work here can consider a salary of $3000 a month along with free housing offered by a few schools in Japan. However, getting an ESL job in Japan is tough, so having a previous work experience can be of great help.

Considering the salary and benefits while taking a job is important but along with that, it is also suggested to look at the history of the country as a reason for you to move and live there.

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