Choosing the Type of International School That Is Right for You In Hong Kong

International school training hong kong

How to get a diploma in Hong Kong to improve your career prospects. Hong Kong is known to have a shortage of government-supported universities. So what if you want to get certified or continue your education? 

There are many options for you

The School of Continuing Education at the international school training hong kong offers a good selection of undergraduate courses: short courses, certification programs, postgraduate studies, undergraduate courses, diplomas, and many other study options. Many courses are offered part-time, so you can continue to work. Others work full time. 

HKBU SCE has just opened a 19,000-square-foot training centre in the heart of Causeway Bay. They have nine centres in convenient locations, including TsimShaTsui and Wanchai. More than 40,000 students attend continuing education courses each year. 

The Hong Kong Baptist University Continuing Education School is designed for high school students who leave school in the fifth or seventh grade, or for adults who want to attend part-time evening classes to improve their knowledge and qualifications and thus work. Prospects. 

The University of Hong Kong Continuing Professional Education School, also known as HKU Space, offers a wide range of courses, from traditional courses such as accounting and finance, acupuncture and thuja therapy, biomedical and biomedical laboratory science, to aviation courses. They have ten major training centres, in popular and accessible places, as well as computer laboratories, extensive libraries and community centres. 

International school training hong kong

Registration is expensive, although many of these continuing education centres can cost between 30,000 and 65,000 Hong Kong dollars per year in this region, depending on the topic. However, some students may be granted a grant from the CEF or the Continuing Education Fund. There are also scholarships and financial assistance programs. Not to mention confirmed loans. CEF is open to residents of Hong Kong between the ages of 18 and 65 and can be bought in Hong Kong dollars from 10,000 US dollars or 80% of the price of Hong Kong, whichever is lower. Actual recovery occurs after successful completion of the course. 

If you are looking for distance education or online education programs, you can contact the Hong Kong Open University. This is one of the first institutions in Asia to provide Apple I-Tunes educational resources for free. The Hong Kong Open University has not only distance learning programs, but also full-time, full-time and postgraduate studies. There are many international school consultancy hong kong

As you can see, teachers who want to teach at an international school have many different options. Whatever your preference, an ideal international school should be for you. Just remember that in order for the school to be suitable for you, you will need to do some research and delve into what the school offers.