Diploma in Hospitality Management For A Successful Career In Life

Diploma in Hospitality Management

Ascott Centre for Excellence (ACE) is an international hospitality coaching centre of The Ascott Limited and a Continuing Education and Training (CET) centre authorised in educating for the Hotel and Accommodation Services Sector by the SkillsFuture Singapore specialising.

The Main Objectives of Ace

Our primary focus is to develop human capital of our group as well as make sure there is consistency in the learning outcome, and to builds a strong bond among our team members globally.

Our trainers don’t just serve as teachers but are also practitioners. They are primarily involved in the operations of the organisation – putting up guidelines, augmenting service delivery, opening of new properties and improving the orderliness, productivity and proceedings. We believe in not just teaching the theory but also making sure that a practical approach is taken for a hands-on experience. One can get easy admission with minimum formalities. It provides both long term and short term certificates to the candidates. It gives a lot of opportunity to the students who want to be successful in life.

The Ascott Limited is a company based in Singapore that has over 700 properties in around 180 cities across over 30 countries in the Asia Pacific, Central Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa as well as the USA.

Diploma in Hospitality Management

Diploma in Hospitality and Management with Ascott

If you find yourself being keen on taking up a diploma in hospitality management, Ascott Centre for Excellence is just the place for you to be! Our hotel management and hospitality courses will provide you with the most relevant and salientskills you will require in this field in Singapore. From learning how front officesfunction to housekeeping of the hotel, our professional Learning Specialists offer you a kind of training that only aims to groom you into outstanding hospitality practitioners.

Being a global hospitality training centre of The Ascott Limited,we also happen to be a Continuing Education and Training (CET) centre, legitimately authorised by the SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) to provide the complete suite of Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) vis-a-vis hospitality and hotel management services. Participants find it easy to grasp the skills that are vital and required, and will add to their ability to get employed in the field.

With Singapore’s flourishing tourism industry, there comes a high demand for trained professionals. The WSQ courses offered by us are:

  • WSQ Higher Certificate in Hotel & Accommodation Services
  • WSQ Diploma in Hotel & Accommodation Services
  • WSQ Modular courses

Academic Progression of Our Diploma in Hospitality

Participants who have managed to complete the WSQ Higher Certificate propitiously and meet the admission mark will be able to proceed and enrol in the WSQ Diploma in Hotel and Accommodation Services.


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