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          Schools with an international focus and understanding are becoming the most sought after these days. Parents want the in children to undergo global training which will bring them up in a very open environment that combines all cultures, arts and sports which will be beneficial for them when it comes to future plans such as occupation and general life aspects. In all having a global view inculcates the understanding of multiple cultures and also the sciences and arts from various areas will be an eye opener for the job opportunities in the future. Languages are included in the curriculum which will ensure an ease of conversation with others from various part of the world and develop friendship and ties for a total personality development. The british international school is the right place for students who want to achieve it all with a worldwide perspective. The curriculum is quite suited for the international standards that the school wants to set for the students. This will enable a development of bonding with the multicultural world that we live in today.

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Overall development:

  • A child has to learn several things that are positive and beneficial in future and should help him or her in understanding the world around you and make your way in the harsh realities and the cut throat competition that is going on in the whole world.
  • The holistic development of the personality has been studied from the ancient times and attempts have been made by many even today.
  • The school has opportunities to learn several languages such as the Malay language, the mandarin Chinese language, the Spanish and Malay language are also given much importance so that they can look around them and not feel insecure about all the different people on the area.
  • The school offers various subjects from different disciplines that are suitable for the students.
  • The curriculum is designed in order to be able to suit the level of understanding the kid has.
  • The stages are categorized according to the age of the child when he or she approaches them and a total of six stages of developments in various types is also developed and designed for the students to learn on his or her own. Languages, music, culture, art, sports and physical well being are all aspects that are given enough importance.
  • Both physical and mental development is aimed.
  • The subjects taught are also very important as they get to learn many languages here. In all the british international school has a setting for a global vision.