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Proper education is very crucial to everyone to lead a good and quality life. Education helps people to achieve their goals and lead a happy life throughout. A well-educated person hasa higher income, a decent lifestyle and many more. If the people are well educated in the nation, the crime rate in the nation also comes down. So, education is very important in person and also to society. But everyone can’t afford to have an education in their lives. Some people have a desire to study more and want to achieve a better life. So, in our society, many people come forward who is capable of helping others and take a step to help others. Some children always dream of becoming a doctor but couldn’t afford the fees. People like bashir dawood support the students who want to be a doctor. As he is a doctor by profession, he always shows his greatness in providing the best health care services and also the education to the needy students in the medical field. A doctor is thebest profession which gains respectable position among the people. The doctor’s requirement is high in the current situation, but the number of doctors are very less than the requirement.  This made him help even more students to become doctors and serve needy people.

His donations to the country as a doctor:

He started a decent hospital in Pakistan with all the facilities. The hospital has all the required equipment for the treatment of the patients. Even complicated surgeries like brain surgery can be done in this hospital. If the patients can’t afford the surgeries then he will help them by supporting them economically. An organ transplantation centre is also started in the hospital. This is the noblest start of him as the organs of the dead persons would help another diseased person to live. Donation of eyes from a dead person to a blind would help the people who can’t see. Many organs such as the heart, liver, kidneys, etccan be transplanted and help diseased people to live a healthy life.

He also started universities for the students to get their education at a lower cost. A decent educational institution makes the children get more knowledge and skill. In this way, he helps the students to excel in their lives. They started the medical institution with decent facilities, for making the students gain the clinical knowledge which is very important for a doctor. He also improves the medical technology in their country. Every recent advancement in the medical field would make treatment and surgeries occur easily. Even though they are costly, such recent advances were introduced into their university for making their students the best future doctors.