Qualities Needed For Illustration And Animation Course

Gone are the days of slacking off during school days. As you enter the stages of young adult, you need to have purpose and importance in what you do. Most importantly, you need to have the passion for what you’re doing. In taking up illustration and animation course, passion won’t be enough for you to survive until the end. Hard work and perseverance should also be included throughout the course. These three qualities aren’t naturally embedded in oneself. But developed over time. Apart from ethical qualities, it’s also important to know and have the following qualities.

Basic Computer Skills and Software

No matter how passionate and deep your love is for digital design, it’s important to understand and experience basic computer skills and software. The digital design relies on computer and other software technologies. Whether it’s Windows or Mac OS, user interface and functionality familiarity boost one’s productivity when a person knows how to navigate the operating system. Moreover, unexpected crashes occur from time to time so basic troubleshooting will come a long way.

After establishing basic computer skill set, it’s time to know your tools or software. Without software, you’re a handicapped digital designer. Software turns your ideas into designs, like canvas and paint brush. Knowing each function of software will boost creativity. Speaking of creativity…

Creative Awareness Is Different From Creativity

Having creativity inside you is a given skill. Somehow, someway, creativity is sleeping inside. It only needs a trigger from something that interests you the most. But creative awareness is a different thing. This quality or skill taps into different aspects of creativity. It’s not only about unique ideas or colorful design, it’s about having an insightful idea. In other words, you should know the limitations, good qualities, and required skills for that idea. These are a few aspects of creating awareness. It doesn’t come out from the start, it’s gained through experiences.

And of course, experience

Whether it’s your first time or not, start designing. Don’t misinterpret experience in this article. The experience here means having knowledge or background in actual designing. Have you tried designing because you just want to design? It’s a good practice, especially for beginners. The best way to improve your design is by doing the action itself. The work evolution overtime is surprising. Don’t make an excuse and start designing – it doesn’t matter if it’s relevant or not.

There are various qualities out there to equip and improve on but these are among the most important for starters. Before taking up illustration and animation course, have a self-reflection on how you plan to achieve these needed qualities.


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