The benefits of residential trip to school children and their teachers can’t not be overemphasized. From residential trips, students get to know each other better, they have better behaviour, skills and improvement in understanding and diverse angels. At Allnatt outdoors, we do not engage in residential trips for secondary students, we knew the benefits primary school residential trips can be to primary pupils, so we are into it too. Most primary pupils said after undergoing a residential trip, their behaviour in school and their respective homes is better. They now have more respect to their school back in school and even their parents at home. To meet up to the needs of schools, and primary school pupils we made available different eye-catching programmes that give each child s lot to learn. The programmes made available for primary school residential trips are will surely interest them for their next residential trip. Allnatt programmes made available for primary school pupils are full of activities that are rooted in the place it is happening. The environment where pupils would be taken to is very conducive for learning, it is highly recognized for learning, and the same time shared and celebrated by many. Every pupil will have awesome experience and moment and stretch times. All these are reviewed in an environment suitable and supported for peer group. If you really want to get the most out of your pupils, expose them to primary school residential trips.

In Allnatt outdoor, we work freely with you and your school teachers to ensure both the students, and teachers will get the essential experience that will allow pupils to learn better. Not only will they learn better the programmes prepared for them in school trips will motivate them to learn willingly. Your primary school kids will learn how to do things they have not done before as the programmes are aimed and building their self-confidence. Some of the pupils who might be lacking self-esteem will overcome it from the programmes we will expose them to. Their academics and grade will improve while you will see their  potentials in full. Children between 2 to 6 years are not left out from this. As we will make available a residential trip to Swanage and Ventnor for them. There are much when you join us for your school trips in this new year.

An Allnatt residential school trip is full of experience. Each passing day has many alluring programme in store for pupils and their teachers. The programmes in each day will give the following to your primary school pupils holistic needs:

  • Quality and social interaction between peers and between teachers.
  • Responsible time for each child.
  • Physical activities.
  • Recreational time to eat and downtime.

Our Consideration

We consider the following in all of our school residential trips form as to give you an optimal satisfaction:

  • Inclusion
  • We select the best location for each school trip.
  • We make use of the right resources and equipment.
  • Risk benefit management
  • We endeavour to integrate the experience of the outdoor activities into school’s curriculum.


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