Simple Tips for Surviving College Essays

You have an essay due soon but you are still stuck with your name and title. Mental block happens even to the best of us but you must persist. Even if it is difficult, you have to push through so you can survive college essays.

To help you get started, here are some tips for surviving college essays:

Read the material

The ideal solution when you are experiencing mental block is to read the material. This is better than pulling something out of thin air. Reading may sound hard work but you can gain a lot of insight along the way, which can help your essay composition.

Try reinforcing your essay with quotes

If you find yourself at loss for words, you can always rely on good quotes. By including some quotes, it kind of legitimizes your essay or ramblings. Fortunately, you can easily find quotes online – just make sure that it is applicable or relevant to your topic.

Avoid writing after 11 pm

Most students cram. If you are like this, you should make it a point to avoid writing after 11 pm because the results will be ill-conceived. When you are sleepy, writing an essay is difficult. If you are burning the midnight oil, it will be inconvenient for your roommates. In general, writing after 11 pm is not good.

Refrain from procrastinating

Procrastinating is never okay. It will be the cause of poor work and anxiety. Understandably, many things are happening in your life as a student but you have to prioritize your study. Though it is hard to master procrastination, you have to try. In the long run, you will reap the benefits of good sleep and quality work.

Consider writing in Google Docs

The standard MLA format for college essays is double-spaced, 12-font size, and Times New Roman font style. You must write in Google Docs to ensure that you will not lose any papers. If you write in Google Docs, it will be automatically added to your Google Drive.

Your documents can be accessed anywhere and anytime. With this, it is easy to stop writing if you experience mental block or you can quickly resume if you have more insights or thoughts to put.

Ask questions when in doubt

It is a good habit to ask questions when you are in doubt. If your professor is giving an essay topic that you are not sure about, you should ask about it instead of keeping it to yourself.

Think of a backup plan

If nothing seems to work in your favor and your papers are due soon, it is time that you seek professional help and buy homework online. By considering professional help, you still have time for other extra-curricular pursuits.

Final words

Your life as a student can be tough and demanding most of the time but giving up is not an option if you want to finish your studies. If you are experiencing difficulties, you should take a step back and assess your situation then think of a solution.


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