Ensuring the best candidates for personal security

Employing security guards for the safety of the VIPs, Celebrities, politicians or any other important reputed person is extremely normal. This process has a lot of difficulties which are not known by many people. There is a separate selection process which is carried on to find the best talent and provide them with the opportunity to excel in their career. There are many institutions that provide this service. The Pacific West Academy is one of the most accomplished institutions that focus on creating the best suitable candidates. It was started in 2012 and since then they have been educating several people who are interested in the security field. Its parent company, Advanced Security Concepts, Inc. found many people trying to get into this industry. Also, those who are already having experience in the Armed forces have an added advantage as their skills fit the best. This selection process requires rigorous training for months before they get their certificates. They have experienced instructors who have initiated the 104-hour course that has all the information about this job and they aim at improving the skills and make them educated in this particular area.

The process:

Any personal security officer is required to follow the instructions given to them. It is necessary for them to be alert in all the situations and make sure to protect the VIPs to whom they are working. To ensure proper utilization of skills and education, Pacific West Academy gives importance to the mindset of the people. They confirm with the people and understand that they are really interested in this field rather than just a job. It involves the lives of many Politicians, Celebrities, and other people. These people are given several different Executive Protection training that would involve all the measures taken for protecting in any situation. These are of two kinds;

    • 12-day comprehensive security training.
  • 33-day Certified Executive Security Specialist.

These are given to all those who are trying to come into this industry. Both fundamental and advanced concepts and tips are taught with hands-on experience. They are made to understand each topic with practical exercises. This will enable them to be an expert while learning about this field.

Why ASC?

Interested people need to choose them as they have;

  • The most advanced and state of the art facilities.
  • They have qualifies instructors who are experts in their own way.
  • Accredited by many reputed organizations.
  • These are also extremely affordable.

Protecting the VIPs from huge public gatherings and also being their security throughout their day-to-day life is what they will be doing. For this, it is necessary to be strong physically and mentally. To know more, there is much information explained on their website. Visit the pwa.edu and understand their process which they have been following all these years.



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