The art of learning piano classes Singapore

piano classes Singapore

Learning a new thing yet instrument or just any new skill in life can be overwhelming and daunting. If you are passionate about learning piano or taking piano classes singapore, Amadeus Music Academy might be a place for you.

Here you learn from experienced and professional teachers and performers who make learning fun and creative.

piano lessons singapore

Things every beginner piano player should know

Many things are necessary for every beginner to know that will help them to stay inspired, engaged, and feel encouraged and to make sure that you are making progress from the very beginning:

  • Your brain will work faster than your fingers – the biggest struggle for adult learners is that they know how to learn, but in their minds, it is more like they should be able to do this, but the hands are not cooperating. This happens with almost every adult beginner. So for this, you should know that it’s all a game of muscle memory, and it takes time to build. Your first step should be getting your finger set on one key and making it seem effortless.
  • Play songs right away – you can play very simple and very basic songs right away. So, you do not need to take three years of piano lessons or even six months of piano lessons to be able to sit down and play some chords and get through a song. Chords are one of the first things to be taught in most classes and how the teachers encounter is to teach the students how to build a chord.
  • Practice when you can – you do not need to practice for hours every day to improve. So many of us are so busy, and we are putting off learning the piano because none of us have time. Although, you can accomplish an incredible amount by practicing for about 15 minutes. Something is always better than nothing, and if you know exactly what you are doing when you sit down at the piano, you are going to be fine. So, there is no need to be overwhelmed by how much time will take.
  • Start improvising right away – people usually follow this myth that you need to learn everything before making new music or improvising it, but it is not the case. You can take your basic simple chords and keep playing them differently in the right rhythms and tempo until you get a new tone out of the same old exercises or notes.



It is not okay to depend on your piano teacher. You need to practice and use your skills to make your playing sound different.


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