Opting For self defence class singapore

self defence class

Self-defence is the practice of learning to defend yourself with verbal as well as physical means when faced with adverse situations. This practice is considered essential for every individual as everyone must know how to defend themselves in difficult situations. Some people classify self-defence as a practice and divide it into four main elements that are:

  • An unprovoked attack.
  • An attack that threatens imminent injury or death.
  • An objectively reasonable degree of force was used in response to the attack.
  • Objectively reasonable fear of injury or death.

To learn self-defence techniques many people opt for self defence class singapore or schedule personal sessions with a trainer if they feel uncomfortable in a public setting.

self defence class singapore

Need of self-defence classes

Self-defence helps us to prepare for unexpected situations and also helps develop increased mental and physical health. We should understand that by learning the basics of self-defence, we can prepare ourselves for dangerous and unforeseen circumstances which might be life-threatening. It is taught in self defence class singapore that spreading awareness about the situations you might be faced with and limiting distractions at the places helps in reducing the risk of exposing ourselves to such situations. Another factor that helps in protecting yourself from becoming a victim in such a situation is setting boundaries and only pushing yourself to the point you are comfortable. One should tell the other person openly if they make you uncomfortable and ask them to respect your boundaries politely.


Self-defence training not only helps you protect yourself but others too. It helps to grow on a physical and mental level to become strong enough to face adverse conditions and situations. It provides us with the ability to gain confidence and increases our self-esteem. It imparts the essential character development qualities that many of us miss out on in school or high school due to shyness or any other reason. It helps us realize to become comfortable in our skin, to become more confident in our actions, and act on our wishes without hesitation. Some essential parts of self-defence training are imminence, proportionality, avoidance, and reasonability along with innocence and judgment of the situation. It imparts all these qualities in the person learning self-defence from a professional trainer to make them a stronger person. There is no age limitation in learning self-defence or enrolling in self-defence classes and anyone can take part in it.


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